Member's Rules

Please take the time to read ALL of our rules as ignorance is not an excuse.
If you do not follow these rules you may be asked to leave the fishery and in some cases banned.

1 No  guests allowed. Anyone on the lake must have paid and must be fishing. 

2. No U16's unless accompanied by an adult. This lake has deep margins and can be dangerous! 


3. You must not arrive any earlier than 15 minutes before your allocated start time and your peg must be empty for the next angler before your allocated end time

4 (a) April to October - Boilies & Pellets ONLY - No other baits allowed. (These include dog biscuits & any type of particle)
4 (b) November to March - Particles allowed during these months. However no nuts or Maggots. 


5. No artificial baits. The ban includes fake corn, foam, zig aligners etc. 


6. 3 rods may be used but consider other anglers and the size of your swim. 2 rods recommended for the double pegs but not compulsory 


7. Barbless hooks only. No barbed or micro barbed hooks. 


8. Minimum 15lb main line and hook links - 12lb hook links allowed for floater and zig fishing. 


9. No leadcore - Leadfree leaders and safe zone leaders are allowed.

10. No fixed leads. All leads must be able to eject without undue force if caught in weed or a snag. Inline leads, plus chods and helicopter rigs must be able to slide off the main line if it parts.


11. No nets, mats or cradles to be brought on site. These will be provided for use by the fishery. When you have finished your session, please replace these into the designated storage boxes.


12.  Anyone caught stealing the equipment provided will be reported to the police and prosecuted. They will also have their name(s) passed onto other fisheries and banned.


13. Any damage to the carp care equipment must be reported immediately even if it's not your fault. Accidents happen and its important we make sure every angler has the right equipment. No equipment means no fishing!  


14. All anglers must be in possession of a Carp Care Kit. Treatment must be given to all hook holds and any other damage found on the fish.

15. No fish to be retained longer than it takes to set up cameras, mats, scales etc - 


16. All Carp must be carried onto the bank using the weigh slings provided ONLY. Fish must not be lifted from the lake in the landing net even with the net dismantled and rolled up. 


17. BBQ's allowed but MUST be used on the communal BBQ which is located near the 'Social' swim. 


18. No litter including cigarette butts, tea bags and discarded tackle. All litter must  be taken home. Do not use any of the bins on site. These are for residential use only. 


19. No Dogs - We have our own dogs on site and they do not mix well with other animals.


20. Bivvys & Brollys only. No camping tents of any kind. Also No fishing from vehicles. You must be next to your rods 


21. No fishing in the 'Gate' swim further than 8.5 wraps. This is due to various snags located near the Lodge. 

22. Our lake bailiff(s) have the authority to ask you to leave our fishery if they believe you are not following our rules, or for any other reason that may affect the safety of our fish or other anglers enjoyment on our lake.


Landing nets, mats and slings are provided 


We recommend Propolis as a form of Carp Care, which is cheaper than the branded carp care kits. The above photos are from a wound treated with Propolis and just 3 months apart