This lake was once an old gravel pit which has depths ranging from 6ft down to 40ft, so location is the key to catching on this venue. There are plenty of underwater features to fish to, including bars, ledges and shelves, and during the warmer months there is an abundance of weed in the shallower areas of the lake, which provides plenty of natural food for the Carp.
Not a great deal is known about the original stock but present numbers are now  estimated at 150, with a wide variety of Carp ranging from sparsely scaled mirrors to fully scaled mirrors, linears and commons. 

Five Acre Lake is a 'Members Only' venue.

Membership is currently full with a long waiting list, so at this moment in time we are no longer taking on new members. 


I’ve been asked so many times before about my involvement with Five Acre Lake, that I decided to write and publish a book all about it!

If anyone is interested in where it all began, how the lake evolved, and the fish I’ve caught along the way, then you will enjoy this book. 'Zero to 30' is priced at £18.50 plus P&P and is now available from the Lulu book store.

Thank you

Gordon Razey